Travel Tips for visitors to
Canmore, Alberta, Canada

Canmore Alberta Canada

Located one-hour West of Calgary and only 5 minutes from the Banff National Park, Canmore lies nestled along the banks of the Bow River in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Settled in 1883, Canmore had a modest beginning as a coal-mining town that continued until the mine was closed permanently in 1979. Follow this link for more information about Canmore's history.

It soon became apparent that the close proximity of Banff and Kananaskis Country would have a major impact on Canmore's future.

Canmore in the Canadian Rockies

Chosen as the site of the Nordic Ski Events (Canmore Nordic Center) for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics, Canmore was soon attracting international attention as a major tourist destination. During the past 12 years there has been significant residential and commercial growth in the town resulting in a current population of over 10,000 and a supporting infrastructure that will delight even the most seasoned traveler.

Known for it's endless outdoor recreational opportunities, Canmore continues to enjoy sustainable growth while maintaining it's small town atmosphere. There a several walking and cycling trails throughout the town that you can use which will take you to Canmore's six square block downtown core, where you can shop for quaint gifts, visit museums or look through one of several art galleries. If you are a little more adventurous, skiing, hiking, biking and fishing are just a few of the activities you can enjoy in this scenic mountain community.

Canada is a highly developed stable democracy. Tourist facilities are widely available except in the less-developed remote or wilderness areas, where facilities of any kind can be vast distances apart.

Thousands of tourists visit Canmore, Alberta each year. The information provided here is intended to be used only as a guide. Your vacation or travel to Canmore would be most enjoyable if you take the time to fully plan your vacation or business trip.

The elevation of Canmore is 1350 meters (4300 feet).

Due to the number of visitors we have each year , it is advisable to ensure you have pre-arranged accommodation or lodging prior to your arrival in Canmore. Book early to avoid disappointment.

In the event you encounter a financial emergency, your relatives or friends can wire you money in Canada. Funds are paid in Canadian dollars. In addition, many automated teller machine (ATM) cards, such as those on the PLUS or CIRRUS system, can be used throughout Canada to obtain Canadian funds. Try out the Currency Converter from the Bank of Canada.

Driving in Canada

U.S. citizens do not need to obtain an international driver's license to drive in Canada. Your valid U.S. license is good for trips in Canada as long as you are a visitor and are actually resident in the U.S. Should you wish information on provincial traffic laws, please contact the Department of Transport. AAA members are covered by the CAA while traveling in Canada. Be sure to carry proof of your car insurance.

While in a Alberta, foreign citizens may encounter road conditions that differ significantly from those in your country. The information below concerning Alberta is provided for general reference only, and it may not be totally accurate in a particular location or circumstance.

Winter travel can be dangerous due to heavy snowfalls that make road conditions difficult. Holiday periods can also be dangerous because of increased traffic. Travelers should be cautious of deer, elk, and moose when around the Canmore area. All forms of public transportation in Alberta are generally excellent.

Safety of Public Transportation: Excellent
Urban Road Conditions/Maintenance: Excellent
Rural Road Conditions/Maintenance: Good
Availability of Roadside Assistance: Good


Getting to Canmore

By Air:
If you’re flying into Calgary, you’d arrive at the Calgary International Airport, a one and one-half hour drive to Canmore. Car rentals are available at the Airport. In addition there are many shuttle services which will be you directly to Canmore.

If you're flying into Edmonton, you'd arrive at the one Edmonton Airports. Edmonton is approximately four and one-half hours drive to Canmore.

By Road:
Canmore is located just outside the entrance to Banff National Park on the Trans Canada Highway (Highway #1) approximately 106 kilometers (66 miles) west of Calgary. The drive from Calgary is on a divided double-lane highway and takes you from the prairies, through the foothills and into the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

Canmore is the first major town you'll find on your drive west through the Canadian Rockies, and there are 3 exits off the Trans Canada Highway.

By Greyhound Bus:
Greyhound Bus lines travel to major cities throughout Canada as well as points in the United States. There is a Greyhound bus depot in Canmore, and you can get further information from one of the following, or your local Greyhound office:

In Calgary
Address: 877 Greyhound Way SW, Calgary.
Phone: 1-800-661-8747

In Edmonton
10324 103rd Street, Edmonton.
Phone: 403-413-8747

The Metric System

Canada uses the metric system of weights and measures. Here's a few practical examples to help you understand the Metric system if you are unfamiliar with it:

  • A litre of milk is equal to slightly less than a quart of milk
    (1 litre = 1.057 quarts)
  • A 340-millilitre soft drink can holds approximately 12 fluid ounces
    (1 fluid ounce = 29.57 milliliters)
  • A kilogram of ground beef equals slightly more than two pounds
    (1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds)
  • On a pleasant summer morning when it is 72ºF, it is also 22ºC
    (ºF = ºC x 9/5 + 32).
  • When it is -5ºC in February , it is a great day to go skiing
  • A foot-long hot dog could also be called a 30-cm-long hot dog
    (1 inch = 2.54 cm).
  • A 250-yard tee shot travels approximately 229 meters
    (1 yard = .9 meters).

Crime and Laws

Although criminal activity is more common in urban areas, violent crimes are very infrequent in Canmore. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are the local police force.

While in Alberta, foreign citizens are subject to both Provincial and Canadian Laws and Regulations. Penalties for breaking the law can be severe, persons violating Canada’s laws, even unknowingly, may be expelled, arrested or imprisoned. Penalties for possession, use, or trafficking in illegal drugs in Canada are strict, and convicted offenders can expect jail sentences and heavy fines.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offense. Penalties are heavy, and any prior conviction (no matter how long ago or how minor the infraction) is cause for exclusion from Canada. A waiver of exclusion may be obtained from a Canadian consulate in the United States, but several weeks are required. There is a processing fee for the waiver.

Climate Information

As Canada is so large the climate varies widely, but basically the weather in Canmore is similar to that of the northern part of the United States.

Canmore has four seasons that are each distinctly different, and add in their own way to our area’s natural beauty. In autumn, the crisp air invites you outdoors to enjoy the brilliant colors of fall foliage.

In winter, the landscape is blanketed by glistening white snow. Learn to ski on nearby ski hills or ice skate along frozen lakes and ponds.

Spring arrives as early as April, bringing with it the scent of fresh growth. And in the summer, Canmore is a place of stunning beauty and endless outdoor activities.

Canmore and Area Average High/Low Temperatures:

March April May June
14F/36F 27F/48F 37F/61F 45F/68F
-10C/2C -3C/9C 3C/16C 7C/20C
July August September October
48F/73F 46F/72F 39F/63F 30F/54F
9C/23C 8C/22C 4C/17C -1C/12C
November December January February
16F/37F 7F/28F 0F/21F 9F/28F
-9C/3C -14C/-2C -18C/-6C -13C/-2C

Note:  Be sure to bring appropriate clothing, the odd severe change in weather has been known to hit these parts. In winter, items like a warm parka or winter jacket, long-johns, warm boots, toques and mitts or gloves will make your visit much more comfortable. If you forget something, our many local shops carry a wide range of outdoor clothing and accessories.

Medical Care

Good medical care is widely available in Canada, and in Canmore. The Canadian health care system is run on a Provincial basis (i.e. the Province Alberta has its own hospital insurance plan as does each of the other provinces and territories), and is funded by Canadian taxpayer money.

Tourists and temporary visitors do not qualify for this health care plan and should have their own insurance to cover any medical expenses. Please check with your own insurance company to confirm whether your policy applies in Canada, including provision for medical evacuation.

Please click here for municipal information for the Town of Canmore.