Activity Map for Canmore and Kananaskis

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Activity Map for Canmore & Kananaskis      Map of North America

The Kananaskis-Bow Valley watershed is a fisherman's paradise. Within the picturesque mountain views the angler can choose from the nine species of fish, use any form of legal angling, and find year-round fishing opportunities.

The crystal clear high alpine lakes, which are only accessible by hiking, are home to the beautiful red throated cutthroat, and golden trout. The streams and rivers originating in the Canadian Rockies are inhabited by cutthroat, rainbow, brown, brook and bull trout. In the valley bottoms, the lakes and larger rivers are home to many of the above species plus lake trout, mountain whitefish and tulibee.

Non-native artic grayling have been stocked in a couple of the landlocked lakes for the anglers pleasure. Larger lakes including the Kananaskis and Spray Valley are ideal for ice fishing.

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Canmore & Kananaskis Activity Map

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