Canmore Panorama

The following Canmore Pan and Zoom panorama picture of the entire Bow Valley was taken by our good friend Graeme McLeish after the first snowfall...enjoy.

Use the controls to zoom in or click and drag the mouse pointer on the image to move around and discover Canmore and the Bow Valley.

Photo © Graeme McLeish (Flickr | ) and used with permission on


Graeme McLeish, Scotland

I live in Lanark, Scotland. My hobbies are photography, playing electric guitar and hiking Our family first came to Canmore on vacation in 2004, we liked it so much we've come back every year. Although we have had around 20 trips to Canmore since then, the town and the surrounding parks still seem to offer something new every time we visit. For anyone even remotely interested in photography, Canmore is a paradise.