Canmore Alberta is a community of remarkable people doing remarkable things. Whether it is an adventure in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park, expanding research and knowledge of our environment, volunteerism, or just getting to know our community… Canmore’s “sense of place” defines the very nature of our beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountain Town.

Local Biathletes Rosanna & Brendan

Rosanna Crawford and Brendan Green are members of the Canadian National Biathlon Team. They were representing and competing for Canada at both Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014.

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Church & Spiritual

If you're looking for religious or spiritual information or support in Canmore Alberta, Canada you'll find a wide variety of churches and new age spiritual centres. If you have a church, religious or spiritual group or organization that you'd like to list on, email us the details.

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Community Recreation Facilities

Nestled in the Canadian Rockies, Canmore Alberta boasts a multitude of year-round and seasonal recreational facilities. Whether you're on vacation or a business trip, you'll enjoy the variety of summer and winter fun available in Canmore and the surrounding area. Swimming, baseball, hockey, curling, soccer, football, tennis and many other activities await you in Canmore Alberta Canada, the gateway to your Canadian Rockies adventure.

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Education & Training

Education and training opportunities in Canmore Alberta are abundant. Public schools from kindergarten to grade 12 are available in and around Canmore. Additionally, there are many private education and training centres.

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Health & Emergency

Canmore Alberta Canada has a host of health-related and emergency services. Consult the directory for various services, or for emergencies only, you may contact the Canmore Alberta RCMP, Fire Department or Ambulance by dialing 911.

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Jobs & Employment

Employment Guide, Job Listings, Education & Training in Canmore and Area. Canmore, Banff, Lake Louise and Kananaskis Area Employment opportunities.

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Organizations & Clubs

Canmore Alberta Canada has plenty of not-for-profit organizations professional associations and clubs. From recreation and leisure organizations and clubs to counseling, support and self-help, you'll find what you need in Canmore Alberta in Western Canada! If you would like to list your club or organization, let us know.

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Publications & Media

Canmore Alberta has many local newspapers, magazines and publications, in addittion to a local FM Radio Station. With a true sense of life in the Canadian Rockies, our local media offer insights into mountain life, the environment, and many other topical issues. Next time you're in Canmore, pick up a copy of one of the local magazines, publications or tune the dial and learn about life in the Canadian Rockies!

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